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During Papy Abedis childhood there was always something one could be sure of: Whenever there was a fight or trouble, there he was. Always first at the scene which made the elders give him the nickname ”Makambo” which in Lingala (Bantu language used in Congo) meant just trouble.

Nowadays it’s mostly Papys opponents who will be subject to trouble.

Papy was born in Kinshasa, Kongo 1978. He started training judo when he was 7 years old. After moving to Stockholm 13 years ago he made IK Södra, Skarpnäck his home. The time spent on the club was widened to also include boxing but it wasn’t until a friend brought him to the MMA club Hilti he found his place.

” It was like coming home, here was a place I could run all my routines that I liked in one place.”

The interest for MMA was born and Papy began his way towards the top.

Despite the raw image of MMA there is more to it than just fighting, it’s like a physical chess game where you always have to think ahead of your opponent. This calls for a mental sharpness as well as physical strength and endurance. Papy is not only a fighter, he also holds a M.Sc in structural design from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

When not fighting, he works as an building engineer at NCC in Stockholm. During his whole professional career he has combined exercising with work, despite the fact that his training is around 17 sets a week. On top of that he has his family to spend time with: his wife and daughters, 2 and 4 years old.

In 2007, just a couple of months after starting with MMA Papy made his debout as a professional and won it easily. After that there has been 7 more fights, all wins, 8-0-0. With the background in judo he has always had a stable ground game, but his stand up game has evolved and developed during the last years.

Through a relative, he met Ricardo Gonzales, Swedish defending Champion in Thai boxing who took him to Stockholm Muay Thai, where he got an opportunity to develop his kicking and striking techniques along with Thomas Rasmussen.

” At Stockholm Muay Thai it was like everything came to place, and I became a complete fighter.”

After eight consecutive wins the call all MMA fighters dream of, Papy got a contract with the UFC. His debout will be November 5th in UFC138, Birmingham.

”It’s like going from Allsvenskan to Champions league, there are many organizations in MMA, but UFC is the biggest.”

But Papys won’t settle with getting to the UFC, he wants to win the belt. And in order to achieve that he needs to put some effort into it. Along with the contract Papy got to train full time for the first time of his life, and the schedule is rigorous and at many places. At hilti he trains MMA, Sthlm Muay Thai keeps him busy with the thai boxing, Huddinge BK and BK Athén handles the wrestling and at Omni4 he sharpens his already phenomenal physical abilities.

Everything in order to perform on top in November 5th, when Papy will fight his toughest opponent ever.

”I think I´m the first Swedish fighter to get this kind of opponent, Thiago Alves has gone 18 UFC fights and won 15 of them, but my chances are great; He is after all just a human like me.”

Papys philosophy is simple and obviously very effective since it has taken him all the way to the top


”Just do it, and beleive in what you do. If you trust in yourself, there will always be an possibility for you to get there, but you will have to fight for it, nothing comes for free. You need to fight and struggle in order to get what you want.”



Papy ”Makambo” Abedi
Age: 33
Family: Wife and two daughters
Disciplines: Judo, boxning, thai boxning and wrestling
Professional record: 8-0-0